foto17258-1Surely everyone has heard the advertising slogan: "Cleanliness is purely Tide" and at least once in his life bought detergents produced under this brand.

In the manufacturer's line, you can find not only washing powders, but also capsules, as well as concentrated gels.

About who is engaged in the release of Tide products, which product is better to choose for washing (powder, gel or capsules) and how to use it, read the article.

About the manufacturer

The Tide brand belongs to the American company Procter & Gamble... The concern has offices all over the world. In Russia, Tide was first heard in the 70s of the last century.

At that time, not everyone could buy a famous product. Washing powder was brought from abroad as a scarce and valuable gift.

It gained wide popularity only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today detergents under the Tide brand continue to be in demand among the population.

Pros and cons of Tide

The American company Procter & Gamble occupies a leading position in the world market for the production and sale of consumer goods.

Therefore, it has a number of undoubted advantages:

  1. foto17258-2Guaranteed safety of the released products.
  2. The quality of detergents has been tested by time and many years of experience.
  3. A wide range of detergents. The buyer gets a choice.
  4. Product availability. It can be easily purchased at any store, or ordered online.
  5. Continuous work aimed at improving the Tide formula. For 50 years of its existence, it has changed 60 times. Today the formula of this powder embodies the latest advances in laundry detergents.

The scale of production can be attributed to both the pluses of the products from Procter & Gamble, and its minuses. A large number of factories makes it difficult for the brand holder to control the quality of the release of a famous product.


The composition of the Tide washing powder includes the following components:

  • phosphates: 15 to 30%;
  • anionic surfactants: 5 to 15%;
  • nonionic and cationic surfactants: less than 5%;
  • zeolites;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • enzymes;
  • perfume.

These are the main ingredients that go into most of the Tide brand powders. The list may vary depending on the specific product.

Read more here.

Line of products, photo

The Tide line includes washing powders, capsules and gels. Each product has several subtypes. By focusing on them, you can choose the optimal detergent.

Washing powder

Tide Powders:

  • with the scent of lavender and birch water;
  • with the aroma of Siberian herbs;
  • Tide Lenor "Innovative pellets";
  • powder for hand washing Tide effect Lenor;
  • Color with Lenor scent;
  • Alpine freshness;
  • children's Tide Color;
  • Alpine freshness handwash;
  • Lemon and white lily;
  • Lavender;
  • Tide White Clouds;
  • Tide color for colored items and linen;
  • baby washing powder Tide.

On sale there are powders for both hand and machine washing, as well as universal formulations. You can purchase a separate care detergent baby things, behind white and colored products. The range includes Lenor Conditioned Powder.



Tide Concentrated Laundry Gels are presented in the following line of products:

  • Alpine freshness;
  • Tide Color;
  • Tide with Lenor scent "Scandinavian Spring".

All gels can be used for washing clothes in a typewriter or by hand. They dissolve quickly in water and rinse well from the fibers of the fabric. The main advantages of using concentrates are - ease of dispensing and economical consumption.

Read more about Tide gels. here.



Laundry capsules from Tide are represented by the following products:

  • Tide Pods with Lenor scent;
  • Alpine freshness capsules;
  • Tide Color.

The capsules contain a high concentration of detergents. Their shell dissolves quickly in water, releasing active ingredients that remove stains, refresh linen, whiten or protect linen. Capsules can be washed well even in cool water (at 30 degrees). For 1 wash, 1 capsule is required.

You can read more information about Tide capsules. here.


Selection features

When choosing a Tide detergent, you need to build on the type of fabric, the nature of the dirt and the washing method.

Optimum washing performance can only be achieved if the correct detergent has been selected.

Key recommendations:

  1. Machine wash... You can use any detergent labeled "automat".
  2. Handwash... Suitable for washing are detergents marked accordingly, eg Tide Alpine Freshness Hand wash.
  3. Washing white clothes... Preference should be given to those products that contain whitening components, for example, Tide gel with Lenor "Scandinavian Spring" aroma.
  4. Washing colored or dark things... You need to stop your choice on detergents marked with Color. They do not contain bleach, but there are substances that protect the original color of the fabric.
  5. Washing baby clothes... Opt for Tide Baby Laundry Detergent. This product is hypoallergenic and contains no phosphates or dyes. The powder granules are easy to rinse out. The detergent has a neutral aroma.
  6. Washing delicate fabrics... If you need careful care of things, it is better to use capsules or gel. Their fortified formula removes impurities in cool water. Detergent particles are not trapped in the fibers of the fabric, so you can skip additional rinsing.
  7. Washing bed linen... For a soft and pleasant scent, you can use conditioner powder, gel or capsules, such as Tide Pods with Lenor scent.

Terms of use

Depending on the form of release of the Tide detergent, the rules for its use will differ. Pay attention to the following features:

  1. foto17258-6Washing powder... It is poured into the compartment of the washing machine and the wash cycle is started. When processing products manually, the powder must be thoroughly dissolved in water.
  2. Gel. It is poured into the compartment of the washing machine, or added to a basin of water and whipped until foam forms.
  3. Capsules. They are used for machine washing. Place the capsules in the drum, along with the dirty laundry. For 1 wash, 1 capsule is required.Do not open it, do not allow the detergent to get on the skin. Capsules are not used for hand wash.

Dose the detergent according to the instructions on the package. Do not exceed the proportions recommended by the manufacturer.

Allergies - what to do?

It is impossible to exclude the development of an allergy to Tide. It can occur at any age and at any time. Most often, reactions from the skin are recorded:

  • itching
  • redness,
  • rash,
  • hives.

Perhaps involvement in the pathological process of the respiratory system (cough, runny nose, bronchial spasm).

Allergy is a reason to refuse detergent. Contact is completely excluded. Linen washed by Tide is reprocessed using a different powder.

For the early elimination of negative symptoms, antiallergenic drugs (Zodak, Zyrtec, Loratadin) and enterosorbents (Enterosgel, Polysorb, Polyphepan) are taken.

What to replace and what is better to choose?

In addition to Tide, other powders, concentrates and gels can be found on sale. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you need to be aware of when choosing an alternative composition.


Comparative characteristics of detergents Tide and Persil:

  1. The manufacturer of Persil detergents is the German company Henkel. Products have been produced since 1907 (Tide since 1950).
  2. Persil is in a higher price point than Tide.
  3. Ruler. On sale you can find capsules, washing powder and washing gel. The Persil range is almost identical to the Tide range.
  4. Washing quality: high.



Comparative characteristics of detergents Ariel and Tide:

  1. Manufacturer - Procter & Gamble.
  2. Ariel costs a little more.
  3. Ruler. Capsules, gel and washing powder are commercially available.
  4. Washing quality: high.

Powders have similar compositions, therefore they meet all safety requirements. However, there is no detergent for washing children's clothes in Ariel's line. Which is better - Tide or Ariel, read here.



Comparative characteristics of detergents Losk and Tide:

  1. The manufacturer of detergents under the Losk brand is the German company Henkel. It began to be produced according to German technology in 1994.
  2. The cost of detergents Gloss is slightly lower than Tide. The difference between 0.4 kg packages of powder is about 20 rubles.
  3. Ruler. There are powders, gels and capsules on sale.
  4. Washing quality: good, but with stubborn stains Gloss does less well than Tide.



Comparative characteristics of detergents Tide and Beamax:

  1. Producer of PJSC "Nefis Cosmetics", Kazan.
  2. Beamax is cheaper than Tide. For a 0.4 kg package, you will need to pay about 60-70 rubles.
  3. Ruler. The product range is not so diverse. Washing powders are presented in 6 types (Aromatherapy, Snow-white tops, Color Automatic, 100 stains Automatic, Color & Fashion automatic, 100 hand wash stains), and liquid concentrated gels - 4 types. The manufacturer does not produce capsules.
  4. Washing quality: good.


Where to buy, what is the price?

Tide is in any store, in the department with household chemicals. It can be either a large supermarket or a small retail outlet. If necessary, the detergent can be ordered online, delivered to your home.

The cost of detergents depends on the form of release and volume. Estimated prices:

  • Alpine freshness automatic machine 0.4 kg - 95 rubles, 3 kg - 320 rubles;)
  • washing gel Color 0.975 l - 210 rubles, with Lenor aroma - 280 rubles;
  • baby powder 0.4 kg - about 80 rubles;
  • capsules for washing machine Lenor 15 pcs. - 350 rubles.
The product can be purchased at a better price if you follow the promotional offers.


foto17258-11As the analysis of reviews shows, many Russians use Tide powder. Most people are happy with the quality of the wash.

They love the scent of laundry detergent and its ability to deal with tough dirt.

There is also an opposite point of view. Some users develop allergies to the powder... They do not like its pungent smell, which remains on things after washing.

The reviews about the capsules are mostly positive. People are satisfied with the quality of their washing and the pleasant scent. The main disadvantage of capsules, which all housewives highlight, is their high price.


Tide brand detergents are generally positive. Their products are handled by the renowned manufacturer Procter & Gamble, which maintains the quality of its goods at the proper level.

The assortment is wide enough... There are not only several types of washing powders on sale, but also concentrated gels and capsules. The products have been in stable demand for over 50 years, their prices are not overstated, which is the best indicator of quality.

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