foto16136-1Onions are a healthy product that has been stored for future use since autumn. It does not belong to perishable vegetables, therefore, with the right approach, it can lie before the onset of heat.

Read about how to properly prepare a vegetable for long-term storage, how and under what conditions to store onions in winter so as not to lose the harvest, read the article.

Preparation for long-term storage

The shelf life of the onion depends on how well the onion is prepared for storage.

It is important not only to sort out the crop, but also to thoroughly dry it, as well as create conditions in which it will feel "comfortable".


The variety is critical in terms of keeping quality Luke. It depends on it how long vegetables can maintain physiological dormancy, that is, remain fresh, not germinate and not rot.

Spicy varieties of onions are best stored with dense husks that reliably protect the pulp from harmful flora.

foto16136-2These include:

  • Bessonovsky;
  • Stuttgarter Riesen;
  • Orion;
  • Spassky;
  • Strigunovsky;
  • Arzamassky, etc.

Semi-sweet varieties with white and red husks are stored worse. They must be used before the end of winter. Do not put different types of onions in one storage container.


Onions have certain requirements for storage conditions. There are two options:

  1. At a temperature of - 1 ... + 3 degrees, in the basement or in the cellar.
  2. At a temperature of + 18 ... + 22 degrees, at home.

If the onions will be stored in the basement, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the room. It is cleaned of debris, all last year's plant residues are removed and aired for several days. The walls are treated with hydrated lime, which destroys mold spores and bacteria.

The optimum air humidity for storing onions is 65-70%. If this figure is higher, then it will begin to germinate, and the upper scales will damp. It is dampness in the room that is the main reason for the development of cervical rot.

High humidity is fought with sawdust or lime. Several containers are filled with the selected adsorbent and placed in the cellar or basement. They will absorb excess water.

Be sure to take care of adequate ventilation.... If it is weak, then additional fans are installed on the vents.

At what temperature you need to store onions, will tell this publication.

What is better?

Onions can be stored in several ways:

  1. foto16136-3In the braid. For weaving it, they use their own onion feathers, which are not cut off after drying. To keep the braid securely, it is strengthened with twine.
  2. In stockings or nylon tights. They are stuffed with bulbs and hung from the ceiling.
  3. In linen bags or nets.
  4. In wooden boxes.
  5. In plastic crates.
  6. In bulk on the floor in the apartment. Beforehand, it must be covered with newspapers.
  7. In wicker baskets.

Regardless of the container chosen, you need to provide the onion with adequate ventilation. When stored in bags or tights, vegetables should be packed with a weight of 3-4 kg. If the crop is stored in bulk, the layer thickness should not exceed 30 cm.

In no case should you store onions in plastic bags.


Onion next door can only be stored with pumpkin and garlic... These crops have identical environmental requirements. They do not harm the bulbs and do not spoil themselves when they are near them.

Onions are stored separately from other fruits, at some distance. This is especially true for apples, which emit gas that accelerates the ripening of vegetables and their rotting.

You can find out about the joint storage of onions and garlic here.

Harvest handling

After harvesting, it is carefully cleaned from the ground without tapping, so as not to damage the head. Algorithm for further actions:

  1. foto16136-4Dry the bulbs... They are laid out on a flat surface, you can directly in the garden and left for 2 days.

    Vegetables are dried in an apartment, in a country house or in the attic. They have to stay there for another 2 weeks.

  2. Trim necks and roots... They can be set on fire to make this procedure more effective.
  3. Go through the bulbs... All damaged and diseased specimens must be removed. They are used first.
  4. Sort vegetables by size... Medium fruits are selected for long-term storage, not too large and not too small.

If the crop is stored in braids, then the feathers are not cut. After drying, they are used as a basis for weaving.

How to properly preserve in winter?

Onions can be stored at home or in the cellar. In the apartment he is placed in:

  • pantry,
  • in fridge,
  • on the loggia,
  • or in the living room under the bed.

A cellar for wintering vegetables is better suited, but it is not always possible to achieve optimal conditions in it.


At home, onions can be stored at a temperature not higher than +22 degrees. Otherwise, it will start to grow rapidly. Vegetables should not be placed in the kitchen as it is too warm for them.

It is better to put the bow in the pantry by hanging the braids on the crossbars. You can put it into crates, cardboard boxes, wicker baskets or cloth bags.

If there is no pantry, you can cover the floor under the bed with newspapers and leave the onions there in bulk. So it will not take up extra space.

You can find out about ways to store onions at home here.

In fridge

foto16136-5Large amounts of onion cannot be stored in the refrigerator. It is too humid and warm in it, which is why it begins to germinate and deteriorate quickly.

therefore root vegetables in the vegetable compartment are stored in small volumesfolding them into a paper bag.

Part of the crop can be frozen. It is cleaned, washed under running water, cut into cubes or rings and folded into a sealed bag.

Defrost the amount of onion required for cooking. Repeated freezing is not allowed.

You can learn how to store onions in the refrigerator from this articles.

On the balcony

If the loggia is glazed and insulated, it is great for storing the harvested crop. Open balconies are not used for this purpose.

Vegetables are put in cardboard boxes or in another suitable container and put away on the loggia. To prevent them from freezing, you can cover them with a blanket.

In the cellar or basement

In the cellar or in the basement, onions are stored until warm. The main thing is that the premises comply with 3 basic principles:

  • was disinfected and clean;
  • it maintained a stable air temperature of -1 ... + 3 degrees, and the humidity did not exceed 70%;
  • adequate ventilation was provided.
There should be no insects or rodents in the cellar that can spoil the harvest.

How to store onions in a cellar or basement, read here.

Shelf life of onion

foto16136-6Onion shelf life depends on the air temperature and the way it is stored:

  • at a temperature of +18 degrees - six months;
  • in the refrigerator - 30 days;
  • in a cellar at a temperature of 0 ... + 3 degrees - up to 9 months;
  • in dried form - up to a year;
  • in the spit - up to six months.

You can learn how to keep peeled onions for a long time from this articles.

Features for onion sets

Onion sets are stored at a temperature of 0 ... -3 degrees or above +25 degrees. In such conditions, he does not go into the arrow. Before sending it for the winter, the bulbs must be sorted out and dried.

Do not put sevok in plastic bags... The container must be air permeable. These can be nylon stockings, linen bags or paper bags.

He will tell you about how to store a scoop at home this article.

Nuances for leeks

Leeks are stored in the refrigerator in the vegetable drawer. It is put into plastic bags, in which small holes are made to prevent the vegetables from suffocating. You can harvest the crop on the balcony by covering it with a warm blanket.

Many housewives store leeks in the freezer. It is washed, dried, chopped, folded in bags or in an airtight container. When crushed, it does not take up much space.

How to store leeks at home, read here, about storage in a cellar or basement - here.

How to store fresh green?

foto16136-7Fresh green onions are kept in the refrigerator. You don't need to wash it.

Feathers are wrapped in paper, folded in cellophane bags with holes made for ventilation and put it in the vegetable drawer. In this form, the product remains edible for a month.

Another option for preparing greens is cutting and freezing them. In the freezer, it retains its freshness for about 12 months.

Read about storing green onions in the refrigerator. here, on the methods of harvesting green onions for the winter - here.

Alternative ways: pickled, dried, salted

Onions can be pickled. Procedure:

  1. Peel the heads, wash and cut them.
  2. Place the product in sterile glass jars.
  3. Add spices and pour over the marinade.
  4. Close the cans with iron lids.
  5. Put them away in the cold.
The classic recipe for marinade for 1.2 kg of onions: 1 l of water, 120 g of salt, 3 tbsp. l. vinegar 9%, 3 bay leaves.

Onions can be pickled in their own juice. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Remove the husk from the onion, cut into rings and mix with salt.
  2. After 15 minutes, put it in sterile jars.
  3. Close with lids and put into the cellar for storage.

2.5 kg of onions will require 0.4 kg of salt. If desired, you can add 100 ml of vinegar.

Washed and cut into rings, onions can be dried. There are several ways to prepare it:

  1. In an electric dryer.
  2. In the oven.

After drying, it is stored in clean glass jars or paper bags.

What difficulties can you face?

foto16136-8The main problem that can be faced is damage to the heads by cervical rot.

To prevent this from happening, the storage conditions of the crop must be strictly observed, sifting out all damaged fruits... They fight dampness by regularly ventilating the room.

The bottom of vegetables can also rot. To prevent damage to the crop, its rhizome is burned before being sent for storage.

Read about why onions rot during storage and how to avoid it. here.


Storing onions is easy. The main thing is to properly prepare it and organize suitable conditions: the air temperature is from 0 to +3 degrees, or from +18 to + 22 degrees.The room should not be damp and dirty. Compliance with the basic principles will allow you to save the harvest until the onset of heat.

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