foto3703-1A jacket is a comfortable piece of clothing that is in the wardrobe of almost every person.

Sometimes a thing can wrinkle - from improper storage between seasons or after washing.

How to iron a jacket correctly at home? It depends on the material from which it is made and some other features of the product.

How to smooth?

Outerwear, including jackets, are most often made from durable, wear-resistant materials that can be natural or artificial.

Before proceeding to ironing, it is necessary to study the label for the product. It indicates the composition and rules for caring for the product.

General recommendations before smoothing:

  1. The information on the product label must be taken into account.
  2. Make sure the item is clean. It is not recommended to iron a dirty product, as existing stains (even subtle ones) and other dirt will literally "weld" to the fabric.
  3. It is necessary to check that there are no foreign items in the pockets.

To straighten the sleeves of jackets, it is advisable to use an ironing board armrest. And in its absence - towels tightly rolled up, nested inside.

From bologna

In the off-season, outerwear from Bologna is a practical solution, as it does not allow moisture to pass through and is lightweight. But if stored improperly, the material wrinkles a lot. You can cope with creases and dented places with an iron or steaming.

foto3703-2After washing, it is recommended to dry the bologna item by hanging it on a ram. So the jacket will not be too wrinkled after drying.

Windbreaker from Bologna, it is possible to straighten in one of the following ways:

  • vertical exposure to steam;
  • ironing.

For steam treatment, clothes are placed vertically on a hanger and steamed. With this effect, the sole of the iron should not touch the jacket so as not to spoil the material.

If it is not possible to delicately steam the bolognese product, smoothing can be done with an ordinary iron on an ironing board.

For this:

  • set the minimum heating temperature;
  • ironing is carried out without holding the iron for a long time in one place;
  • Between the sole of the iron and the material of the jacket, put a cloth (chintz cut or gauze in several layers).

It is not recommended to put on a Bologna product until the material has completely cooled down after ironing.

Is it possible to stroke the dermantine?

foto3703-3Dermantin is a material that is used for upholstering furniture, sewing clothes and leather goods.

It is based on natural cotton fabric coated with nitrocellulose... Additionally, the surface can be embossed to make the material more like natural leather.

Jackets are often made from dermantin, which are much cheaper than natural leather ones, but at the same time look decent.

Crumpled places on such a thing can be smoothed out on your own using an iron:

  1. A preliminary test of the reaction of the material is carried out on an inconspicuous area from the seamy side, and always through the laid fabric.
  2. The jacket is turned inside out to the wrong side.
  3. The product is laid out on the ironing board so that the dermantin is in one layer. For example, on the sleeves the material is in 2 layers, then a thick fabric roller is placed between them.
  4. If there is no lining, the jacket is ironed from the inside out through an additionally padded cotton fabric.
  5. The temperature on the iron is set at 30 ° C (silk mode).
  6. After the dermantin has cooled down, the thing can be put on.

When ironing, do not moisten the fabric to be ironed.

In addition to using an iron, jacket dermantin can be steamed. To do this, use an iron that can be used in an upright position with the generation of steam, or a steamer.

Wrinkled denim

If stored properly on a hanger, your denim jacket may not need ironing. But if the item is wrinkled, the best ironing result is achieved when the fabric is damp.

After washing, while the garment is not completely dry, you can start ironing. For those things that are already completely dry, you can use a spray bottle.


  1. foto3703-4Turn the clothes inside out. This will preserve the appearance of the product and extend the life of the jacket.
  2. Set the desired temperature on the iron. This is done according to the label for the product or - from 150 ° C. For tight jeans, the temperature can be increased to 200 ° C.
  3. Ironing begins with the collar, if any. First, it is stroked from the inside out, then from the face. If the collar is stand-up, then the fold is not smoothed with an iron.
  4. After the collar, the sleeves are ironed. In order not to iron out the folds, it is recommended to use an armlet.
Ironing a denim jacket through cotton is optional.


Nylon is a durable synthetic fabric that offers high performance: has high resilience, wear resistance and elasticity.

When owning a nylon jacket, it is especially important to observe proper care, since ironing will be problematic - with significant temperature exposure, the material is prone to deformation and loss of shape.

It is not necessary to iron your nylon jacket if it has been properly dried after washing. The maximum permissible heating temperature is 110 ° C.

foto3703-5Ironing procedure nylon jackets:

  1. Lay the jacket out on the ironing board.
  2. Spread out the fabric.
  3. Set the temperature on the iron to 110 ° C.
  4. Disable steam function.
  5. Prepare the fabric to be ironed. There should be no direct contact between the sole of the iron and the nylon.

As with other jackets, nylon can be steamed using a steamer or over a container of hot water.

Suede: beautiful and whimsical

A natural suede jacket is an attractive item, but requires special care. You cannot use an iron for this material..

You can straighten a crumpled jacket with steam - a steam generator or a simple home method, in which:

  1. Very hot water is drawn into the bath.
  2. The thing on the trempel is suspended above the water so that it does not get wet
  3. Close the bathroom door.
  4. Withstand 15-30 minutes.
  5. Outweigh the jacket to a dry place and leave to dry completely.
If you cannot cope with ironing the suede, or the jacket needs cleaning, it is recommended to contact the services of professionals.

A natural skin

foto3703-6A genuine leather jacket is a comfortable, versatile item that can serve for many years. Proper care, including proper storage and gentle ironing, can extend the life.

High plasticity of genuine leather makes it possible to straighten the product in several waysincluding the use of an iron and exposure to steam.

For things made of thin leather, even a way to smooth the surface of the material is suitable simply by hanging the jacket on a trempel for several days or by moisturizing.

You can read more about smoothing genuine leather on a jacket. here.


There are several varieties of leatherette... They may differ in terms of production, texture, appearance. The basis of such material is PVC, the sheets of which are reinforced with fabric.

The peculiarity of leatherette is the lack of air permeability. The specificity of the production makes the material coarser and more dense when compared with eco-leather or natural leather.

Leatherette is often used when sewing jackets, as the thing is waterproof, suitable for the off-season.

The low plasticity of leatherette often leads to the fact that the thing is crumpled and after that it is difficult to straighten it... If time permits, you can wait until the leatherette product straightens out under its own weight.

If the thing needs to be put in order quickly, then you can use the iron. But only from the inside out and with the impact of minimum temperatures.

You can learn more about how to iron leatherette here.

Eco-leather is a high-tech material

foto3703-7Eco-leather is one of the wear-resistant materials, and high-quality leather even has frost resistance... During the production of eco-leather, micropores are formed in the material, which ensure the breathability of the product.

Eco-leather is a plastic and soft material that is practically indistinguishable from genuine leather in a sock, but it costs much less.

In caring for such clothes, it is important to adhere to a delicate approach., avoiding contact between the product and the heated surface of the iron soleplate.

There are a lot of options for smoothing eco-leather on a jacket:

  • steam application,
  • glycerin treatment,
  • special products for eco-leather, etc.

You can read more about the technology of smoothing eco-leather. here.


Lightweight polyester jackets are a comfortable item that many people have in their wardrobe. This material wears well and lasts a long time... When stored properly, a polyester jacket doesn't even need ironing.

But if it becomes necessary to straighten the thing, then this can be done with the help of a steam generator or an ordinary iron, acting very carefully.

The exposure temperature should be no more than 40 ° C, and work better from the inside out. If in doubt, how the material will handle ironing, it is necessary to conduct preliminary testing from the wrong side.

You can read more about smoothing polyester jacket here.

How to iron without iron?

It may not be safe to use an iron to iron jackets, especially if there is no label indicating how to care for the product.

One of the universal methods available to everyone is smoothing with steamrising from hot water.

You can arrange such a procedure for any jacket, regardless of the material of manufacture. For this, the following manipulations are performed:

  1. foto3703-8Very hot water is drawn into the bathtub or into a large basin placed in the bathtub. The higher the water temperature, the better for the smoothing process.
  2. The product is put on a trempel and freely hung over a hot water bath. At the same time, the product should not touch water, bathroom walls or other objects.
  3. Leave the jacket under the steam for about half an hour. If the effect is not pronounced enough, repeat steaming over hot water.

Except for the steam bath in the bathroom outerwear (if there is no prohibition on the tag) can be processed using a steamer and a steam generator... You need to act slowly, but not lingering in one place.

If in one pass it was not possible to cope with all the creases, it is recommended to wait for the material to cool down, and only then repeat the steaming procedure.

Do's and don'ts?

When smoothing the jacket, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. foto3703-9Check fabric composition before ironing.
  2. If in doubt about the temperature of ironing, you should start at the minimum temperature, increasing it gradually.
  3. It is forbidden to iron the product from the front side.
  4. During exposure to a steam generator, iron or steamer, do not correct the item in order not to get a thermal burn.
  5. Do not increase the heating temperature higher than indicated on the label to the product.
  6. Do not put on a thing after ironing until it has cooled down.


Proper care of your jacket will not only improve its appearance, but also extend the life of the product.

Each item needs an individual approach to ironing, not tolerating fuss and negligence. Only under such conditions will the appearance of your favorite jacket be qualitatively restored.

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