foto4083-1Ironing is one of the least favorite activities of any housewife. This is especially true for bulky and heavy bed linen.

Ironing it is sometimes a real torture, especially if there are several sets waiting in line.

From this article you will learn: is it necessary to iron the bed linen after washing, is it necessary in principle, is it better to use an iron or a steamer?

You will also find helpful tips on the correct ironing, folding and storage of bedding sets, depending on their composition.

Do bed linen need to be ironed?

foto4083-2Ironing the bed linen immediately after washing is not strictly necessary. This is just a tip to help iron bulky bedding with less effort.

Anyway after washing it is necessary to let the fabric dry a little, ironing absolutely wet bed linen does not make sense.

If you don't have time to wait for it to become wet, it doesn't matter. Dried things should be folded neatly and left to wait for their turn to iron. Subsequently, before ironing, the fabric will still have to be slightly moistened, for example, from a spray bottle.

Why ironing?

The answer to this question should be sought in two categories:

  1. Medical - in other words, ironing is good for your health. Exposure to high temperatures will get rid of harmful microorganisms (bed mite larvae, bacteria and microbes) that remain on the fabric even after washing. This is especially true for allergy sufferers, people with reduced immunity.
  2. Aesthetic - it is much more pleasant to go to a clean, fresh-smelling and ironed bed. It is not only softer and more pleasant to the touch, but also promotes healthy sleep. Even the most ardent opponents of ironing will not refuse to go to such a bed.

Why and in what cases is optional?

Opponents of ironing bed linen (and not only it) argue that this is an empty exercise. They have strong arguments for that:

  • foto4083-3First of allthey consider ironing a thing of the past;
  • Secondly, it takes a huge amount of time and effort, especially if you need to iron several sets of bedding;
  • third, the smoothness of the fabric remains for only a few nights, and after a couple of days you will no longer distinguish between previously ironed and not ironed at all.

If this is not enough, then the following arguments still exist:

  • some materials become electrified after ironing (synthetics, especially pollicotone, i.e. a mixture of polyester and cotton in different proportions);
  • You may notice that after ironing the fabric absorbs moisture less well. This will not please those who sweat a lot while sleeping;
  • The scent from fabric softener is dissipated by high temperatures.

3 arguments against ironing bed linen you will find here.

How to iron with an iron on an ironing board?

When ironing a sheet with corners, iron the sides first. Then roll them inward. Fold the resulting rectangle four times. Then iron thoroughly on all sides.

Experts recommend ironing along the lobar thread, i.e. warp thread that runs along the fabric. Therefore, you need to drive the iron on the fabric from left to right (or vice versa), and not up and down.

Step-by-step instructions for ironing:

  1. foto4083-4Prepare your work area (you may find it more convenient to iron on a table rather than an ironing board).

    In any case, bed linen, with the exception of pillowcases, will need to be folded. They should be sized according to the surface on which you will be ironing.

  2. Straighten all folds and creases whether the laundry is damp or dry. If it is dry, sprinkle it with water and let the water soak a little.
  3. It is recommended to straighten and iron the seams first. This will prevent deformation of the entire product during the further ironing process.
  4. If you want to get the perfect smoothness effect on the fabric, unfold the product and fold it again with the non-ironed sides on top. Align the fold lines so they don't "run away".
  5. It is advisable to fold the duvet cover and sheet in four after the main ironing. Iron each side again. Done!

Temperature recommendations

The temperature regime that must be selected directly depends on the composition of the fabric. for ironing bed linen. Always check the label where the composition of the product is written.

Remember that checking the material only "by eye" can be very easy to make a mistake, because some of them are very similar to the touch. An incorrectly set temperature on the iron can damage the appearance of the bed linen.

The table below shows the most popular fabrics from which bed linen is made and the appropriate ironing temperature.

The right column serves as a hint in which state - wet or dry - is the most comfortable and easy to iron each material:

MaterialAcceptable ironing temperature (° C)Fabric condition
Pure cotton140-180Slightly damp
Cotton with added polyester90-120Slightly damp
Linen180-200Highly moisturized
Cotton with linen160-180Moisturized
SatinUp to 180Dry
JacquardMaximum 110Slightly damp

Bed linen made from fabrics such as silk, calico, satin, practically do not need ironing... If you still want to iron laundry with this composition, do it at the lowest temperature.

The video will tell you how and in what mode to iron bed linen:

How to smooth quickly with a steamer?

Modern technologies have long served faithfully for many housewives. A steamer can really make life much easier for any woman who periodically accumulates a lot of things for ironing.

Although many housewives have already appreciated the steamer as an indispensable helper, it is still not very convenient when ironing bed linen.

It is too big to be able to hang it in the apartment in full length and steam it efficiently. In the case of bedding sets an iron with a built-in steaming function remains irreplaceable.

How to fold correctly after ironing?

foto4083-5Housewives have come up with an incredible variety of ways to fold and store bed linen after ironing.The main criteria for "correctness" are compactness and preservation of aesthetic appearance after long storage in a closet.

The classic method involves ironing immediately after washing while the laundry is still damp. It is necessary to fold the laundry so that the same rectangles are obtained. Storage is provided in sets, sometimes immediately inside out (so that later it would be more convenient to put on a new bed).

Maria Kondo, author of the modern Japanese method, suggests ironing the bedding and then folding it into an even rectangle. The duvet cover and sheet folded this way should be placed in one of the pillowcases.

For more aesthetics in the closet, fold the edges of the pillowcase that contains the bedding set. This method is really the most compact and will help out especially those who have little space in the closet.

You can read about how to iron and fold comfortable and capricious sheets with an elastic band in this article.

There is another way to effectively fold bed linen called "Pocket". Its essence is to fold the duvet cover 4 times, put a sheet folded 6 times on it, and then a pillowcase (not folded).

Then you need to take the edges of the duvet cover and fold the set in half. Cover the top with the second part (top). Fold the resulting structure by one third - you will see how the pocket has formed... In it, carefully fold the rest of the laundry and straighten the fabric.

To better understand how this method works, watch the video:

Home service order and issue price

Ironers can be found in every city. Often, firms offer not only ironing, but also washing, painting, and even repairing clothes. The price for ironing bedding sets is calculated per 1 kg., which costs an average of 200 rubles.

The ironing service is also provided by cleaning companies, from which you can order this service at home in addition to cleaning. In this case, the price is calculated for the time spent on ironing, from 250 rubles. 30 minutes of ironing.

Instead of ordering home services, you can purchase linens that do not need ironing. What is it and why it does not crease you can read here.

Most companies that provide ironing services can pick up the linen directly from the apartment, but the cost will increase significantly.

Useful Tips

foto4083-6When ironing, be aware of the following:

  • choose the right ironing temperature;
  • shake the material before ironing;
  • try to iron the laundry wet: it will be more effective and simply easier;
  • clean the iron regularly;
  • fold the laundry carefully after ironing. So it will take up little space, and there will be order in the closet.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that such an unpleasant and cumbersome procedure like ironing clothes has its undeniable advantages. These include not only health benefits, but also an aesthetic component. After all, every woman wants to be an ideal hostess!

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